• Aethrio Hotel is a village within the village!

    The Greek word Aethrio means Atrium, a closed and spacious converted inner courtyard.

    Its dominant position in combination with the luxury and the traditional hospitality promises to satisfy your expectations for an unforgettable stay in Santorini island.

    Aethrio Hotel itself is a contrasting combination of old and new, existing side by side in perfect harmony with the traditional Cycladic style.
    A traditional A’ class Hotel, located in OIA, one of the most beautiful places of Greece, which is under special protection from UNESCO.

    And the most important thing: The romantic alleys and streets near the hotel are car-free!
    On the one hand this means: a short path from the parking (and located only 100m from local bus and taxi station) to the hotel through colourful, romantic and small alleys (luggage is naturally transported by the hotel service upon phone call). On the other hand: in the hotel area, there are no cars to be found, no noise, no exhaust.  Only pure vacation, for body and soul.


    Earlier the captains of large sailing ships lived in Oia and spent the three winter months here before they sailed out again to sea. Even today the large representative captains` houses tell about this epoch. In those days people also settled in cramped areas on the steep slopes leading to the Caldera. Due to this, unique architecture arose, which is selected as a subject by many artists and photographers, rich in form and color.


    The AETHRIO HOTEL Testimony of the long traditions of the DAMIGOS FAMILY: As captains and merchants the DAMIGOS FAMILY settled early on Santorini. Everywhere over the Aegean Sea, they established trade relations in countries including Egypt, Russia and Italy, whereby they brought many innovations back to Santorini. In 1928, on the present location of the AETHRIO HOTEL, the family opened a sock and stocking weaving mill. The products (DAMSON) became world-famous due to high quality standards. After eventful years of historic, economic and political changes, the DAMIGOS Family built the AETHRIO HOTEL in the romantic restored walls of the weaving mill in 1992.

    The AETHRIO HOTEL attaches great value to its family character and the Greek hospitality. You should feel at home here. Peace, relaxation, time for yourself, light and colors. Natural stones alternating with white spaces, structured by shadows.

    Terrace suite 2 persons


Aethrio hotel, Oia, Santorini, Greece, TK 84702, E-mail: info@aethrio.gr
Phone: 0030 22860 71040 FAX: 0030 22860 71930
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